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Edco Industries Inc

Plastics is a  multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, with 32% of all plastics (by weight) processed by injection molding, a technology  that has made it possible to construct inexpensive, durable consumer and industrial goods found in sectors ranging from medical equipment to automotive parts. Family-owned and -operated EDCO Industries in Bridgeport, CT has been assembling and packaging injection molded plastic products since its inception in 1978.
Edward Szalan  and his father John Szalan started an injection molding company in the late 1970’s. Edward purchased a small building and one injection-molding machine in a semi-industrial area of Bridgeport, but it quickly grew and expanded to include roles for his entire family.  Today, the business is operated by Edward’s wife Anna Marie and his son John, who found his calling working in the factory as a child and later became a plastics engineer.

John’s other passion besides  Plastic is the Korean Martial Art, Tae Kwon Do. Having received his black belt in 1986, John continues to compete and enjoys teaching children  and adults the wonderful  aspects of this Korean sport.
Being disciplined and self motivated allows him to create close working relationship  with his clients.
*Edco Industries Inc., * 203-249 Dekalb Ave * Bridgeport * 06607 * USA*
Call: 203 333 8982
Fax: 203 333 7950